Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still Here!

Hey everyone! Thank you all for your continued use and support of the site. I haven't gone anywhere! Sorry for the long time between updates... I've had a pretty busy real life schedule as of late.  But, don't worry, the site is not going anywhere.  I can't promise any big updates soon, but I'm still working on the stats page as I get free time and hope to eventually expand the site as I detailed in my first blog.

As always, I welcome all feedback, comments and concerns and will always reply in a timely manner (as I'm sure many of you that have emailed me can attest to).

Thank you!


  1. Ciphas, Heirad and Kel'sara, the 2nd boss in the new swtor Op, are parsing as trash mobs instead of bosses. The dread guard trash mobs are parsing as bosses instead of as trash mobs.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, it is fixed now and any combat logs you upload will now parse the bosses in the new instance correctly.