Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Ownership and Server Transition

Hello everyone!

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself, Ian "Hayward" Trudell, and the other new co-owner of TORParse, Sam "BigBlockhead" Kiramathypathy. We've been SWTOR players since launch, Sam originally coming from Keller's Void and myself from Shii-Cho, and today we play exclusively on the Jedi Covenant server with the Republic guild Tranquility. Chances are if you've ever played on Jedi Covenant you've seen us around on one of our many characters (Sam's favorites are BigBlockhead and Profian, and mine are Hayward, Stardust, Hypnus, and Haim).

Sam was previously a statistics admin for TORParse, working closely with James over the last few months to ensure uploaded combat logs were genuine and helping to develop the many features TORParse has to offer, including work on group parses and group uploads (oftentimes using Tranquility as a guinea pig for testing). Despite what his character name may imply, he's very knowledgeable of the inner workings of TORParse and the TORParse client, and will help ensure TORParse remains an excellent choice for SWTOR parsing and statistics logging going forward. He happens to be Canadian, but I won't hold that against him if you won't.

As for myself, I come from an interesting assortment of gaming fansites that I managed as a server administrator over the years, ranging from "RuneHQ," one of the largest RuneScape fansites, to "TORCommunity," the first SWTOR fansite. Born and raised in the United States, I currently live in Indiana.

We're really excited about what lies ahead for TORParse and we're grateful for the opportunity to continue the excellent work James has done this past year making TORParse into the exceptional site and client it is today. We recognize that we still have a ways to go to improve the features and services offered here at TORParse, and hope that you continue to support and contribute to making TORParse the best it can be.

Now I'm sure you're all interested in hearing about the details of the server transition. We originally planned on moving the server completely to a new host after the ownership transfer, but we've decided instead to continue using the same host in order to ease the transition process.

As it stands, the server is funded primarily through advertising, however we are interested in upgrading the server's capabilities to help increase performance and minimize downtime and excessive server loads. To do this we will most likely be starting a crowd-funding campaign within the next month to raise money for upgrades and site and client development. Our goal for TORParse is not to turn a profit, but rather to build upon and continue offering the best available services that we can - something we can only do with your support.

At this point, all statistics have been unfrozen and you will now see new combat logs appearing on the top 50 lists once more. Over the next few days we will continue to iron out any bugs that have arose from the ownership transfer, so expect some intermittent down times as we complete the transition process. Again, thank you for your patience over this past month, and we look forward to working with all of you moving forward!

P.S. We will be doing an AMA on /r/swtor on Monday, September 23rd, 2013 if you have any questions.

Sam and Ian
New Owners of TORParse

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