Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TorParse Client update!

Hey everyone!

A quick introduction is in order, I'm BigBlockhead, and together with Hayward who you have been hearing from the past month we are the current operators of TorParse. I've been hard at work this past while getting ready for a major update to the desktop client of TorParse, and I'm here today to give you all some information regarding this update!

Here are some of the new features being added:
An enrage timer: I'm setting up an enrage timer for each boss in every operation. Flashpoint bosses I'll be adding on a backfill basis, but I'm starting with operation bosses. Keep in mind that due to the nature of how SWTOR tells the combat log when combat starts, that is to say on occasion a combat log will recognize combat has begun a second or two after the boss was engaged, especially with healers and dps who hold back a couple of seconds, this enrage timer might be off by a couple of seconds. With this enrage timer will come a sound notification that will alert the group leader when it is being approached (default is 10 seconds). This notification time is customizable up to 30 seconds.

Death notification: This feature is also for group leaders. When someone in the operation group dies, the group leader will receive (currently) the last 5 seconds of that person's parsed log. In this way, the leader will be able to at a glance see what killed that member, with the intent to aid group's in refining strategies.

Detailed damage breakdown: This change will affect the solo tab of TorParse. Currently when you view the damage taken tab, you see how much total damage each target did. This is going to change. In the future, you will be able to see a breakdown of damage from each target. In this way, you will be able to see how much damage came from various attacks. As a tank myself, I find knowing what attacks hit me for more damage to be more informative then just knowing what enemy hits harder.

Miscellaneous performance upgrades: Thanks to feedback (mainly from my personal guinea pigs, I mean, my operation team) I've tweaked the client here and there to improve stability and speedup various processess here and there.

I've got other ideas for new features and upgrades, but I'm going to hold them in reserve for now, mostly because I want to make sure I can actually deliver on them before I preview them!

With that in mind, I always value your feedback. There are lots of ways of getting ahold of me. Posting in the forums found on our website is a great way, as is getting on our new TS server and sitting down to talk to me. Also, for all you players on Jedi Covenant, send a tell to BigBlockhead (yes that's really me) or if you don't see him online, look up any member of Tranquility and if I'm on another toon, they will be more then glad to get ahold of me!

Finally, a shameless plug for Tranquility, as my guild leader (no, I'm just an officer, not the GM) is pestering me non stop to throw this up somewhere. <Tranquility>, an LGBT friendly guild and the owners of TORParse, are recruiting! 3 total ops groups (2 on 16-man new op HM progression), PVP, TS server, website, guild bank, xp bonuses, and weekly alt-leveling.


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