Sunday, August 31, 2014

TORParse is looking for additional co-owners!

Hi all,
TORParse is currently looking for two additional co-owners to assist with the project.
Qualification Requirements:
Position 1:
  • Expert in CentOS Linux server administration
  • Expert in PHP scripting and creating optimized PHP cron jobs
  • Expert in MySQL database optimization, management, and query design
  • Expert with HTML/CSS
  • Ability to troubleshoot, optimize, and maintain an advanced web server
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and/or jQuery is a plus
Position 2:
  • Expert in object-oriented programming languages, such as the ability to program a .NET application from scratch (New TORParse Client) -or- Expert with Adobe ActionScript / Adobe AIR programming
  • Expert in cloud-based client development
If interested, please email your resume/CV and example work to along with the reasons you want to join the TORParse project and why you think you would be the best fit for the job.
Note: Co-owning TORParse is not intended to be a full-time job, but nevertheless can be a very demanding endeavor. Please only apply if you believe you can dedicate a fair amount of your time to maintaining and improving the service.
I look forward to hearing from you!
TORParse Owner

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