Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Desktop Application Update

Hey all, I took a small break for the holidays but have gotten back to work on the desktop application.  It is coming along quite nicely.  I only have a couple new screenshots to show, as a lot of work was put into server code and group relay code.

I've completed all non-combat aspects of the group function and it does everything you would expect a group in an MMO to do.  You can invite people, promote leaders, assistants, and kick people.  I've completed the friend's list and split it up into two tabs for online and offline friends. I've added a status bar at the bottom of the application that will display internet usage and notification information.  I've added the ability for the application to check for updates and update itself.

And I've started working on building the solo parser portion of the application.  My next project will be to completely finish the solo portion of the application.  After this is done, I will have to do a little bit of server coding, and then I will be ready for some early testing of the solo parser.  At that time, I will contact those who have emailed me and expressed interest in testing the application.  This portion of the project will be a huge undertaking, so it may still be some time before it is ready for testing.

If you are interested in testing, feel free to contact me at james@torparse.com.

This screenshot is of the solo tab for the application:

This screenshot is of the group tab for the application:


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