Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Small Update to Analytical View

Hey everyone, today I have pushed an update live that I have been working on for a little bit now. I have added the ability to view your Analytical breakdown in two new ways, they are labeled on a new bar above the existing breakdowns. They are pretty self-explanatory what they do. "Player" is the default setting and will only show information related to the main character of the log (this is what existed up until this point). "Companion" allows you to see only the companion information, if there is any available. And "Player + Companion" adds your companion stats together with your own stats.  It's been a requested feature for quite some time and I'm glad to finally have it done! Enjoy :)

Also, I have fixed a pretty significant bug on the Heals Taken and Damage Taken pages that was causing the "by Source" breakdown to lump everything together and list the source as the main character of the log. These areas will now correctly break out the information into the source of the damage/heal.

And last but not least, I have added the ability to direct link all the way down to a specific tab in the Analytical View.  The "Link to Current Fight" link on the top of the pages now reflects this addition.  This does not yet work for Group logs but I hope to add it soon.



  1. Looking at the Heals/Damage Taken down at the Heals/Damage by Time. It's list the source as the Main Character instead of the true Source of the Heal/Damage.

  2. Thanks, it was the same bug affecting this as the other one. Got it fixed!

  3. Could you add the possibility to filter to top 50 by class?
    Looking at 50 Marauders and Powertechs logs isn't terribly useful for the other 80% of us

  4. Greenpiggy, I actually have this on my list of things to implement. It's been requested a couple times and I will definitely be doing it at some point, there are just a few things that I need to finish up before I do, so I can't really give you any kinda time frame on this feature. Thanks.