Sunday, March 3, 2013

PTS Log Requests

*Update 3/12* Thank you for all the combat logs. I really just need Scum and Villiany 16 Story Mode now, especially Styrak.  The logs below are still okay to send to help me confirm the data I have.

Hey everyone, I'm working on adding all the new boss encounters to the site.  I have all the new bosses added to the database but I need to confirm which boss belongs to which version of the instance.  If you can help, please email me ( logs from the following instances below.  Please indicate the mode of the instance you ran (ie, 8-man story mode, 8-man hardmode, etc). You can email me the original combat log text file or a link to the uploaded log on the site, either works.

  • Scum and Villiany - All modes and bosses
  • Terror From Beyond NM
  • Athiss HM - Bonus Boss only
  • Hammer Station HM - Bonus Boss only

It's okay if your combat log includes stuff besides what is requested.

P.S. The desktop application is still coming along, but I do not have any further information to present about it at this time.  When I get the group parser functional, I will post a new blog update.  Thanks!

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