Monday, March 25, 2013

TORParse Desktop Application Update

Hey everyone, I know it's been quite some time since I've posted an update on the progress of the ingame application.  Apologies for the drought of information, but fear not, I have been quite busy.  The ingame application is coming along very well and is getting closer and closer to being ready for the public. Below, you will find some new screenshots and information.

This image shows the "My Logs" area of the ingame app. This area allows you to do a few useful things:

  • Set the parser to load your newest combat log automatically
  • Load previous combat logs into the parser so you can check out your stats from older logs
  • Upload combat logs directly to the website if you need them broken out even further than the statistics currently offered by the ingame parser

The image below shows the "Group" tab.  Group parsing is coming along great.  All the buttons listed below currently work.  Group setup is very easy.  It is modeled after SWTOR groups in the sense that you invite people to your group and that's it.  No syncing or anything else required to get started. The nice thing about group parsing is that it supports all the functionality of the solo parser, including viewing information from previous fights and even including your companion in the mix if you're just questing with a friend.

The image below shows the "Group Damage Dealt" screen. As you can see, the bargraphs have been slightly redesigned to allow for information to be better presented.

The image below shows the "Damage Dealt" screen from the solo parsing portion.  It too features the redesigned bargraphs. Text too small for you? Due to great feedback from the alpha testers, font options to all ingame overlays have been added!

So, that's all I've got to show this time. I've also done a tremendous amount of work on the backend/server itself, which doesn't have a GUI to speak of, so I can't really show you much there.  But, everything is coming along very well and the parser is quickly approaching the "beta" milestone, at which point it will become more widely available for use.


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