Thursday, November 15, 2012

Statistics problem

So, I'm writing this blog because today I have discovered an interesting issue in the combat logs.  I've been getting reports from people asking me to fix their combat log so that it shows up under the correct boss, and I've been fixing them.  At the same time, I've also been using this opportunity to confirm certain boss IDs for certain modes of an instance.  Well, I'm not sure how I've missed this issue or glanced it over so many times, but it appears that the boss ID in the combat logs are a little different than I had originally thought.

This is not true for all bosses yet, and I'm still not done going through them, but there appears to be a common ID that all the different modes of the same boss share, and then a specialized ID for the specific instance.  Unfortunately, I had not previously recognized the "common ID", so it has caused some fights to be grouped under the wrong mode of the instance and possibly not even flagged as a boss fight altogether.

I'm currently in the process of going back through my boss ID database and correcting the ones I can confirm for sure, and re-marking the ones I don't know and will need a little extra help verifying.  After this process is done, I will bring the site down for a few hours (sometime in the wee hours of the morning I'm sure) and re-process all the fights to get them flagged as boss fights and then re-run the Statistics numbers.

This may take me a few days to accomplish as it's pretty tedious work.  I really doubt anyone from BioWare reads this, but if they do, it would help a lot if you could just send me a list :)

Thanks everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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