Monday, November 12, 2012

Statistics Updated

Hey all, I've updated the Statistics section of the site today with quite a few updates.  I had to update some stylesheets and javascript as well, so if the tables look weird or the charts aren't working, try clearing your cache for your browser.

  • Kill vs Death distinction is now in.  Kills and Deaths are ranked separately and there is a button available to switch between the two.
  • The Statistics pages will no longer be taken offline during Statistics generation.  The system will now start to store an archive of stats up to 45 days.  Statistics will still be generated at the same time everyday, and the new stats will be made available when they are finished generating.  The archive is not yet accessible, but I have a few features planned with it (allowing it to be viewed; showing changes on the leaderboards; and a few more).
  • Added Fight Length to each leaderboard ranking.  Inevitably, some fights will slip through that are not actually successful kills, so this should give you an idea of it being a legit ranking or not.  I will do my best to remove these from the leaderboards (emails about them are always appreciated).
  • Added Total Damage and Total Heals stats.
  • Updated some textual information for a clearer description of the associated stat.
  • Changed references of "Subclass" to either "AC" or "Advanced Class" throughout the site.

Thanks! As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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