Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hey everyone, I've pushed a pretty significant update to the site today.  A lot of it is backend stuff, so you likely won't notice many changes.  Here's what I did.

  • Significantly revamped backend Statistics code. This should allow for more fluid updates for new bosses and faster load times.
  • Statistics URLs are now properly encoded.
  • Fixed an issue with the Doctor Lorrick encounter on the Statistics page.
  • Fixed an issue causing bosses to display in a random order on some Statistics overview pages.
  • Updated boss detection database with several hundred new entries for existing encounters.
  • Added Nightmare Pilgrim (1.5 World Boss) and Operations Target Dummy to "Boss Fights" filter.
  • Updated Analytical and Group Analytical "Boss Fights" filter to now list the name of the encounter instead of just randomly listing mobs when the "show by name" button is clicked.

To expand on my previous post a bit, I have implemented a new system with the Statistics code revamp that will now also recognize helper mobs.  This should help fights where you have to fight through a few guys before you get to fight the actual boss (for example, Warlord Kephess).  This system had existed to some extent, but it was poorly implemented and has been significantly revamped.  I have flagged most of the helpers for the Operations; however, I may still be missing helpers for some flashpoints.

There are still some bosses that have very few fights logged against them, but I have not yet re-processed already-uploaded logs yet.  I'm hoping this will resolve the issue, and if it doesn't, then back to the drawing board!  I will likely re-process existing fights tonight in the early hours of the morning when traffic to the website is minimal.  This process will probably take 4-6 hours and the website will be taken offline for the duration of the process.

P.S. I don't always post a blog when I update, but if you want to see all the updates to the site, you can see the Change Log here -


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