Sunday, December 23, 2012

Important Notice

*Update 12/26*

After being in touch with Microsoft, emails to people with Microsoft accounts should no longer be blocked, meaning password reset emails should come through fine now.  I have checked the site against other "spam" databases, and it appears that the site is now in good standing with all the major email providers (after moving nameservers and properly setting up mail on the server).  If you have any issues getting emails from the website, please contact me.  Thanks!


The nameserver move should already be complete.  Everything went smoothly and a lot faster than I anticipated.  The main reason for this nameserver move is to fix issues with mail rejection from a couple bigger email providers.  The mail rejection issue is not yet fixed, but I'm currently working on it.  This process may take a couple weeks.  If you attempt to reset your password and never receive an email with instructions on how to reset it, chances are your email provider is blocking email from the website (Microsoft email being the biggest one).  If you run into this issue, please email me directly at and I will manually provide a reset link for you.

Thanks, and I hope to have this resolved soon.

I will be migrating the nameservers for the website.  This should be a seamless transition.  While I do not anticipate any problems, I just want to make you are aware of this migration just in case something goes wrong and the website becomes inaccessible for a short period of time.

You can expect the migration to be fully complete and propagated in approximately 3 days.

Thank you,

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