Monday, December 10, 2012

Torparse Application Update

Hey everyone.  It was a good week/weekend... made a lot of great progress on the application.  I've got a lot more work to do, but I wanted to show you how everything is coming along, so I've taken a few screenshots.

Before reading any further, please remember that none of these screenshots are the final product.  Everything is still very much a work in progress and a lot will probably change.  Enjoy!

Ok, so first up, the best screenie I've got for you is the parser actually working in-game, with a custom skin I designed to make it blend with the game :)  (P.S. Don't judge me for my keybindings, I use a Nostromo lol).

This is the new login screen:

This is a screenshot of the program initializing (if you checked "Remember Me" it skips the login screen):

This is a screenshot of the main portion of the program.  Please note, the visual components of this frame are not yet programmed, but it will give you an idea of the skin of the program and also the Options menu in the upper right:

The next screenshots are all from the in-game overlay settings page.  You get to this part by clicking the wrench icon in the upper right.  These will be the settings available for every overlay component (they are also resizeable).  I hope to add scaling in, but I'm trying to overcome a bug with that right now, so I have taken it out for the time being:

So, there you have it.  A bunch of screenshots to look at.  I'll keep you guys updated.  All the best. -James

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  1. I like the look and feel you've created so far... Can't wait for the next update!